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The Danny Phantom Fic Exchange


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This is a community for fic exchange pertaining to the Danny Phantom fandom (hereafter known as the "Phandom").

The way a fic exchange works is this: A member may post a request for a fic, including: characters, genre, rating, random quotes and items, etc. Another member may claim this request and write the said fic. The fic can be whatever seems appropriate: novel length, drabble, or somewhere in between.

More than one person may claim any one request. Simply claim the request by posting a comment to the request's thread.

Fic exchanges are helpful in that they give writer-blocked fans springboards for fresh ideas, and fans who aren't quite as good at actually writing a place to vent those ideas.

Hopefully, everyone can contribute both requests and actual fic.

In addition, fic can be recommended here, if a request sounds like a fic you have once read, by all means rec it.

Check our memories section for past fic requests; these are all still up for grabs as well.

Icon requests are welcome here too.

ALSO, this community is in need of an icon.

This comm is mod-ed by siriuslystrange