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My new danny phantom Fanfictions


This fanfiction I wrote after hearing Blake and Jordin sing This is My Now which is a great song. I watched Danny and I wanted to know if Danny could have a love forever. One that is not Sam because she is a leabian and one that is not Valerie because she fights Danny. I made a new girl for Danny that had a secret that could not be told too. They fall in love and this is a great romance story.

Danny knows he is a good guy and he knows he does good with his fighting. But he does not know if he will ever find a gf. Why? He wanted Valerie to be his gf but she can not know his secret that that is what would make them be together. And also Valerie has a new bf now and is very happy with him. He has muscles and fights. Danny had a tear of sadness in his eyes when he found out. If Valerie knew how tough he was fighting ghosts and also did not hate him as a ghost she would be with him. But she does not and she will not.

Danny also wanted Sam to be his gf. He thought maybe they were meant to be like a destiny love of solemates. But that was not true if Sam was his solemate she would not be a lesbian. Yes Sam was a lesbian she told everyone about it and also got Jas to be her gf. They were also together happy but Danny cried many tears by himself to think of it. He thought he would never be in love together with anyone.

Then one day a girl came and sees him with a very sad face. She is a beautiful girl with yellow curls and blue eyes. "Hello my name is Nicole why do you have a sad face?" Danny did not talk he just walks. Nicole follows him. She makes a face then laughs and Danny laughs too at the funny. "People should laugh more. Then they will not be sad."

"I have to be sad."


"Because I do not have a gf."

"You do not have a gf???? WOW that is GREAT!!!!!"


"Yes I thought you would because you are so awesome and have great looks. Now I can be your gf!!!!"

"WHAT?????? But I just met you I do not even know you."

"My name is Nicole I am 14."

"My name is Danny I am 14 too."

"Yes! Now we know each other and can be bf and gf!!!"


"Why not Danny? You do not have a gf and are sad because of it. I want to be your gf and make you happy!"

"We can not be happy together because I have a deep dark secret that I can not tell you Nicole."

"Wow that is great!"

"GREAT AGAIN???????"

"Yes because I have a secret I can not tell anyone either! So we will be together and happy and just not tell our secrets. OK Danny???"

"OK well I guess we can go on dates and have fun you do not need to know my secret for that."

"YES!!! You see now!!!" Nicole says. And she kisses Danny. Danny and Nicole have a great kiss and fall in love at first sight.

The first date they go to is the dance. Nicole's dress sparkles and shines like laugh. Danny laughs and they dance forever into heaven. Danny is so happy. Now he can be happy just like Valerie and her bf and Jas and her gf. He is more in love than anything in the world. So is Nicole she loves Danny so much she thinks he is her knight and solemate.

"I have to go to the bathroom wait here Danny." says Nicole. She goes to the bathroom and Danny waits. She is taking a long time but girls do that thinks Danny. Then there is SCREAMING. Danny asks what is wrong. Sam goes in and comes out and tells him about the ghosts.

"I AM GOING GHOST!!!!!!" says Danny because no one is watching. He goes into the girl's bathroom and there is a ghost. BAM PUNCH BAM BAM BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danny beats the ghost up. Then he becomes human and he finds Nicole in the corner in the bathroom. She is scared but happy to see him.

"DANNY OH DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nicole says. She HUGS Danny so much.

"The evil ghost is gone now." says Danny.

"I am so happy!!!"

"Yes. What is that there?" Danny sees where Nicole dropped something.

Nicole CRIES and CRIES when she picks it up and drinks it. "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screams.

"Why are you crying I thought you were happy?"

"This here is my forever secret."

"What is the secret?"

"The secret is that I drink pee every day so that I can live forever."

"Wow so you are going to live forever?"

"Yes anyone who drinks pee like I do can live forever. But everyone hates pee so they don't. They will also hate me more than anything in the world for drinking pee."


Nicole stops the cry and then looks at Danny with the greatest love in the universe. "Danny I love you so much too! We are solemates!"

"Yes that could be true because I am also going to live forever."

"You are? Why? You also drink pee."


"Then what else is the reason to live forever?"

"It is because I am half ghost. I am Danny Phantom. I will live forever in this world. It would make me sad to have a love who dies. So you are my love forever because you will live forever."

"DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nicole says. She hugs him so much. They hug and then kiss each other in the universe. There is happy sparkling because this is what happens when soulmates that will live forever get together.

That night they fly all around the world that will be theirs for all of time. The world will change but their deep happy true love will never never change and Danny and Nicole will be in love forever.

The end.


I wanted to know what would happen if Vlad had a son. I know he is not married and is in love with Maddie not anyone else. But he can sex without being in love and have a son. Would Vlad's son be halfa too? I think any of Vlad's kids would be halfa and Danny's too. But maybe not. In this story I wrote Vlad has a son who lives with his mother and stepfather. But they are dead now and it is sad. What will happen to Vlad's son Anthony? What did happen to him in the past? This story will tell. It is a good story but it is sad and violent too.

Anthony Blake was very said. He had a tear it was the tear of all tears. It was only one tear but it had the sadness of a world. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" said the boy. It was so sad. He had no world. "WHAT WILL I DO NOW??????????"

It was a million days later but only 1 month. Casper High School. Danny, Sam, and Tucker laughed so happy. Anthony Blake did see them and he SCREAMED. "HOW DARE YOU DO IT! HOW DARE YOU BE SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"What?" Danny says.

"Danny Phantom. I will kill you now." says Anthony.

"How do you know who he is???" asks Tucker.

"Wait. I am not Danny Phantom. I am Danny Fenton. Danny Phantom is a ghost!"

"I know all about halfas Danny Phantom and I know you are one. I will kill you to prove myself." says Anthony. He takes out a knife and he stabs Danny's arm.

"NO SO MUCH BLOOD!" Danny says.

"DANNY!!!!" Tucker and Sam say.

"I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!"

Dash goes to grab onto Anthony and tries to take his knife and everyone screams. Anthony stabs Dash in the heart and then goes to Danny. "I am a powerful monster with powers to kill anyone I want!" Anthony says.

"STOP PLEASE STOP!" Jasmine screams.

"I will stop when your brother is a dead one!" Anthony says.

"You are crazy!!! Danny is no ghost!!!" says Valerie.

"HE WILL BE DEAD!!!" Anthony screams and he goes to stab Danny in the heart but his arm goes right through Danny.

Danny is becoming a ghost. It is not because he wants to it is because his human part is dying. "Why. Why did you do this."

"So you are dying? I am glad. Bad things happen Danny. Why do they happen to you? Well why do they happen to me? I have had so many bad things. Now things will be good for me with you dead!!!!!"

"Why? I do not even know you!" Danny says.

"YOU RUIN ME!" Anthony screams. He tries to stab Danny. But he only stabs the ground under him because Danny is still a ghost. "WHY WILL YOU NOT DIE??????"

There is a crash. It is Valerie in disguise. She grabs Anthony and takes him away. Sam, Jasmine, and Tucker run to Danny and cry. "Please do not die."

"I will not die." says Danny. He concentrates. He turns back to human. "I have never lost so much blood so I turned to ghost. But I will live."

Danny goes to the hospital and he lives but everyone know he is a ghost. "How will I live now?" he says to his friends.

"It is ok Danny. Mom and Dad still love you. They understand better now." says Jasmine.

"But that is Mom and Dad what about the world? They will know me as Danny Freakton."

"No Danny you are still great!" says Sam.

"I am not even the hero of this time. I could not stop the bad I could not even try. The hero is Dash. I always thought Dash was so dumb. But Dash tried to save me and everyone! Now he is dead!" Danny says and he cries. Everyone cries. There are tears for Dash who is now cold and dead. Danny left to see if he was a ghost but he was not. Dash was just a dead hero.

Then there is a crash and it is Valerie in disguise again.

"YOU!!!!! YOU SAVED THAT EVIL PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU COME HERE NOW!!!! LEAVE!!!!" Danny screams.

"Listen to me Danny. I caught Anthony because I thought he was a ghost. I did not want the police to catch him and have him only escape. And you were dying and could not do anything! But he is not a ghost."

"Who is he??? I WILL KILL HIM!"

"Is that really what you want to do Danny? He is a harmless human." Valerie says.



"No. I will not be like that. I will not. But I just wish I knew why. I just wish I knew a reason."

"Why don't you come ask him? He is in my dungeon. I am deciding what to do with him."

"I will come ask him."

Everyone goes to Valerie's dungeon. Danny hides and then comes out and Anthony screams. He screams and rattles his chains. "I am sorry!" he says.

"It is too late for that!" says Sam.

"I was trying new medication and it made me kill. I already did want to kill you Danny but the medication made me so bad that I tried it. Why did I do it." Anthony cries.

"Why would you want to kill me? That day was your first in Casper High School!" Danny says.

"My father said he would love me again if I could kill you with my own power." Anthony says.

"Your father??? Why would your father want you to kill me????" Danny says.

"My father is Vlad Masters." says Anthony. Everyone gasps! "He wishes you were his son because you are great. He does not love me after I lost my halfa powers. When my mother died I went to him. I asked him to treat me as a son again so I could have a family and not be an orphan. But he just laughed at me. He said I would never be his son because I am weak. I said I can be powerful. And he said he would treat me as his son only if I could kill you!!!!!!!"

"That is sad! But that does not mean you should kill Danny! He is a great person!" says Sam.

"Yes Danny is great and I am BAD. I know that is what you think. That is what is true! I am so bad."

"Yes you are bad just like Vlad! Maybe now he will accept you because you are evil!" Tucker says.

"He will not. He will never because of what I did!" Anthony says.

"Because you killed?" says Danny.

"What? I never killed. You are already dead because you are ghost. And you are still alive." says Anthony. "My father hates me because I lost my halfa powers with something I did that was my fault."

"How did you become a halfa?" Danny asks.

"It is because my father is one. My mother and father were never married I think they did never love each other. My mother did not love me as much as my brothers and sisters she had with my stepfather who is dead. It is because I was Vlad's son. But my father Vlad he did love me. When I was 3 I started to have some halfa powers and he was very happy. He took me flying and he told me to hide powers from my mother because she would not understand so I did."

"Vlad with you! No wonder you are not sane!" Danny says.

"NO IT IS NOT HIS FAULT IT IS MINE. We were so happy. Even though I lived with my mother when I would visit my father every other weekend he would treat me with love and we would be happy!"

"So what does he hate you now?" says Sam.

Anthony cries he cries so much. But then he talks. "When I was 7 I did discover the wonderful pee. I collected pee then I would splash and drink it. It was a happy thing for me when I was with my mother who did not love me. But then I made my father angry too. Because I drank pee I became all alive and not dead like a ghost at all. Because pee contains life."

"It does??? Now we know how to cure you, Danny!" says Sam.

"I am not sure I want to." says Danny.

"You should not throw away your gift! I did and my father slapped me. He said it would be ok if I only drank my own pee but since I drank the pee of full humans and lots of it I was now full human too. He slapped me so much and I cried. I said I would not do it anymore. He said it was too late and he would have to kill me to see if I could become a ghost. He put me in chains to study it. When my mother came to pick me up she saw me in the chains like I am not and he said he would sue to make sure my father could not see me again. My father said he did not care and signed papers so he would not get sued but I would also never see him again." Tears fall from Anthony's eyes.

"Your mother did care about you then." says Sam.

"NO! This she also did for her other children! She got moneys for a big house from Vlad and also moneys so my brother with down syndrome would always be taken care of the best. Did she leave me any moneys?????? No! My stepfather's parents took my brothers and sisters and the moneys when she died but I was left to be an orphan!"

"That is sad. But you know it is still very bad to kill." says Tucker.

"I know and I am sorry for trying that! It was my medication. They found out I have a mental disturbance and depression and tried to treat me with medication. But this medication that was new only made me worse sometimes that happens. I should be put in institution I deserve it. I should be in chains and be beaten forever for being so bad."

"I do not have time for that. I will send you to the police." says Valerie.

"Come on guys let's go it is time for Dash's funeral." says Sam.

"Why does Dash have a funeral?" asks Anthony.

"He has a funeral because he is dead because you stabbed him in his heart and took away his life and people care about him because he is a hero so he has a funeral." says Tucker.

"I killed him???" says Anthony.

"Yes Anthony. You killed him. It is a very sad thing. He knew nothing about what was happening. He did not even like me like a friend. But he tried to save me from you and you killed him." says Danny.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Anthony screams. "There is no reason for me to kill him! I do not remember that!" Anthony screams.

"I remember it. And everyone else there saw you do it to." says Sam.

"How could I! I did a murder for no good reason!!!" Anthony screams. He hits himself in the head with his chains and hits himself on the bars.

"Stop that!" says Valerie. She goes to get the keys.

But it is too late. Anthony bangs himself and cuts himself with metal in the dungeon and screams more. They take him to the hospital but he dies from losing so much blood.

There is a funeral for Anthony too. People come but not to mourn. They come to talk about why he did these things. Danny and his friends do not cry but they are still very sad. They wish it never did happen. They wish that Anthony did not have so much sadness in his life and badness in his brain.

But Danny sees someone who is maybe mourning. It Vlad. Danny walks to Vlad. "Are you sad for your son?"

"So he told you. No I am not sad. I will not be sad for someone so weak."

"He had a mental disturbance! You could have taken care of him!" Danny says.

"I signed the papers so he was not mine anymore. This is something that ended a long time ago Daniel."

"You are a pathetic person. It is no wonder you have no love in your life." says Danny.

Vlad does not say anything to him. But when Danny leaves there is one tear that falls. The tear of all tears with the sadness of two worlds.

The End
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