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Danny Phantom Fanfiction

Hi I am new. My name is Martin. Here is my Danny Phantom fanfiction. It's about how Danny CAN NOT STOP something that is bad for his ghost powers. But maybe it is good for him. Sam has to help him and help him with the ghost fight and they find out his secret. It's very good and exciting. I hope you like it!!! Here it is!!! My fanfiction.


"PEE O PEE!!!!" Danny said and he had a drink. He laughed a lot it was funny. "I love to drink pee!!!"
"DANNY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" a girl said. She was Sam.
"I am drinking pee." says Danny.
"Drinking pee that is disgusting." says Tucker.
"It's not! I MUST DRINK ALL THE PEE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!" Danny says. And he goes into the bathroom and drinks from the toliet. There is Vlad.
"Silly boy you must not drink pee." Vlad says.
"Leave me alone because you are the bad guy." Danny says.
"Listen to me Danny if you drink pee you will lose your ghost powers. Pee is life so if you keep drinking pee you will drink it to you are alive again no ghost just HUMAN!!!"
"I don't care!!! I must drink pee!!!!!!!!!!!!" Danny says. He looks at all the toliets no pee.
"Danny Tucker told me what Vlad says. You must not drink pee otherwise no one can defend against the evil ghosts." Sam says.
"It's ok. I will just keep drinking." Danny says. He goes into the girls room even and drinks all the pee from the toliets and the girls scream and hit him and he just drinks. "I HAVE TO HAVE MORE PEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Danny scream.
"Why is Danny acting so crazy?" asks Sam.
"It is because he is pee crazy. Maybe if he was another crazy he would stop." Tucker says.
"What other crazy ghost crazy like Vlad or his Dad????"
"No if he was crazy for his girlfriend. You should be his girlfriend!!!" Tucker says.
"No I can't."
"Why not?"
"Because my pee tastes like hawaiian punch." says Sam.
"WHAT! I think it is ok since you are my friend but you should tell Danny since he is in love with you!!!" Tucker says.
"Fine I will tell him." says Sam.
Danny is in the teacher's bathroom. They are yelling at him.
"What?" says Danny he stops drinking pee.
"I'm sorry. I like you to be a friend. But I am a lesbian." says Sam.
"It's not true." says Danny with crying.
"It is true." says Sam. She gives Danny a bottle. It has a little bit of her pee.
Danny tastes. He tastes it like hawaiian punch. He is crying because lesbian pee tastes like hawaiian punch. "Why Sam?????" he says.
"I was born like this. Some people are always born like this. It is not so bad. But I am sorry that you were in love with me." she says.
"My HEART IS BROKEN!!!!!!" Danny says. He drinks the rest of Sam's pee then is crying more and more.
"YOU CAN'T BE A LESBIAN IN THIS SCHOOL!!!!!" says the football people.
"Sam she broke my heart. But I have to save her since she is my friend!!! GOING GHOST!!!" Danny says. But he can't because he has drank too much pee. "NO GHOST!!!! WHY!!!!" he says. He faints.
"Ha ha I knew you couldn't stop it like I did." evil Vlad says.
Danny is kick out of school for drinking pee and being half a ghost and Sam is not kicked out.
"Now I will take over the world!!!!" Vlad says.
Danny is in his bed. He is sick from being a ghost and now not being a ghost. He sleeps in bed.
"I can't believe Danny was half a ghost!!!!!" Danny's mom and dad says.
"It's true. And Vlad is evil and wants to kill everything." Sam says.
"How can we stop him now???" Danny's mom and dad says.
"I know a spell. It is powerful. I might die doing it. But I will do it so there are no more ghosts and the world will be safe." Sam says.
"Good luck Sam." says Danny's cool sister.
Sam goes to the ghost portal. She sets up things. She waves things around. She is a witch like Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
"I will not let you do this alone." Danny's sister says. She had red hair and her pee is hawaiian punch too. She is also a witch. She is very nice like Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
"With both of our powers we can do this!!!!" Sam and Danny's sister say. They glow and things float. They throw things around. The ghosts come and growel. They hit Danny's sister and she dies and blood is on Sam.
"NOOO!!!!!!!" Sam screams. Then there is a PUNCH! and SMACK!
"Danny? But you are a ghost again?" Sam says.
"I am the ghost of Danny's ghost. It's ok to kill me too. Danny's ghost's ghost gives Sam a kiss. Tears come out of Sam's eyes but she finishes the spell. And all the ghosts are gone forever.
"You did it!!!!!" Tucker says.
"Yes but I killed Danny and his sister is dead!!!" Sam says.
"I am alive!" Danny says. He is there too.
"Danny!" Sam hugs him but she is still a lesbian.
"Oh no my poor sister." Danny crys.
"I was in love with her Danny." says Sam.
"Now we both have broken hearts." Danny says.
"But now you can have normal lives!!!" Tucker says.
"I will miss to fly." Danny says.
Danny and Sam look at each other. They know the other's thoughts.

Danny and Sam go into a airplane. They have a backpack they put on. The sun is setting like magical sparkles. Sam throws her magical things off the plane into the sky. She jumps with Danny. They take off their backpacks and throw them into the sky. Their tears fall and go into the sky. They also pee it goes into the sky. They are in the sky until they fall into the ground and die.
Then they are in the sky to fly forever. No more broken hearts.

The End
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